Gripeeze gets you back to daily living – The Effects Of Stroke

Gripeeze gets you back to daily living – The Effects Of Stroke

A stroke is a condition that limits the blood flow to our brain, the resulting damage may cause muscle paralysis (complete loss of strength) or paresis (partial loss of strength), making it difficult for certain muscles to move. It can turn everyday activities such as household chores, gardening and even operating a computer into a real hassle for your body.

 Due to the dysfunction caused by the paralysis/paresis of the muscles in the hands, arms and fingers, a simple action like griping an object becomes the most challenging of tasks.

 Despite of the medical treatments that are available today, in time you may discover that when attempting to gain the strength to achieve a sturdy grip it becomes difficult, and thereby leads to permanent disability. In order to overcome such difficulties, with profound research and development Gripeeze has created various hand gloves and a unique strapping system.

With the help of these gloves these every day activities will become easier to perform and at the same time reduces the dependability of others.


 Gripeeze gloves gets people back to physical activity because it helps to:

 Enhance grip control on a number of objects

 Improve sports performance & general activity

 Aid in rehabilitation & sports injury

 Lessen the chances of long term injury

 Combat RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury)



Pain In Your Hands – Gripeeze Gloves Relieve Pain In Your Hands

 Gripeeze Gloves Relieve Pain In Your Hands 

In most conditions like multiple sclerosis(MS) arthritis and stroke,along with the other parts of the body, the whole upper extremity gets affected, except in carpal tunnel syndrome only the palm gets affected. At the same time the movements/functions of all these muscle groups also get affected causing severe or repetitive pain in your hands. 

  • Like flexion and extension, abduction and abduction of the fingers and thumb, due to the affected muscles of front and back palm. 

  • wrist flexion and extension due to the affected forearm muscles.

  • elbow flexion and extension due to affected biceps and triceps. 

  • all the function of the shoulders due to affected shoulder girdle muscles.

As the palm being the most common part that gets affected in all the above conditions. The Gripeeze ® range of products will help you to get back to your normal functions with out any dependency giving you less pain in your hands and more of a normal lifestyle see our customer testimonials or give us call direct to see which of our products may be best for you to – GET YOUR GRIP BACK! 


Have alook online at our website to BUY our full range of products. We also have a live chat agent who will be able to answer your questions.

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Sports Therapist Gives the Breakdown on Gripeeze Gloves for Rehabilitation

Sports Therapist Gives the Breakdown on Gripeeze Gloves for Rehabilitation

I am a level 5 qualified Sports Therapist with over 14 years experience
and run clinics throughout Merseyside.

There are many conditions that affect the hand, wrist and forearm.
Conditions include, inflammation due to arthritic conditions and R.S.I. (Repetitive Strain Injury)

Conditions specific to golf include: Medial Epicondilytis, Extensor
tendon injuries, wrist tendon injuries,Lateral Epicondilytis, Extensor

Tensynovitis and De Quervains disease.

The Grip Aid Ltd glove range are an innovative range of rehabilitation and
training aid gloves that can maintain or potentially reduce the pain
range associated with the range of conditions above and more. It works
by reducing the tension applied to specific tendons when hand and wrist
movements are made and enables the wearer to grip items whilst the
glove is enclosed ensuring stabilty and security.

I personally would recommend the gloves during rehabilitation phase for
Stroke patients and for patients who suffer arthritic conditons. I
believe this glove can enhance the daily life for those who have had to
reduce day to day activities such as DIY, Gardening and sport

In additon to the above the Grip par golf glove is an innovative
rehabilitation and training aid specific to the sport. It enhances the
stability of the hand and reduces the tension on the tendons in the
hand and wrist. It potentially helps to limit the inflammation on the
back of the hand which leads to Extensor Tenosynovitis.

Grip-Par Golf Glove Banner

The NEW! Grip-Par Golf Gloves Recommended by PGA Coaches & Professionals (RNA Approved*)

I only have positive things to say about these new and
innovative gloves that are now in  the marketplace. I now recommend all these gloves  to my clients as part
of the recovery process where appropriate.

Gina M Riccio


Gripeeze® Grip & Wrist Support Strapping System – Great Wrist Support

Gripeeze® Grip & Wrist Support Strapping System – Great Wrist Support

 Gripeeze® Grip & Wrist Support Strapping System - Great Wrist Support 

Ever sprained your wrist hand or arm and gone to the doctor and he has placed a stretchy tube material on your hand and wrist to relieve some tension and perhaps reduce swelling? Well, what we have done at Grip Aid Ltd is take this one step further. Wearing one of these and attempting to give your hand and wrist a rest is a bit of a chore especially when you may need that hand for something. What we have done is devised a unique system that incorporates our strapping onto a customized wrist tube support grip. The results are brilliant and has now become a recommended product for recovery from injury and rehabilitation by Occupational therapists all over the UK. Perfect for both grip and wrist support to aid you in daily living

Used for wrist support, weak joints and conditions that affect your gripping objects. This gripeeze system is the only combined wrist & grip support available on the market

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Trade prices are available on request please email:

New Fishing Gloves – We Got The Tech in Fishing Gloves

New Fishing Gloves – We Got The Tech in Fishing Gloves

The New Fishing Gloves   - The Latest Fishing Gloves 

Gripeeze has finally developed and launched our new Fishing Gloves,  perfect for all anglers. The simplicity of the strapping system takes away all tension from your hands and wrists enabling the wear to cast continuously without the strain and repetition. They are available online to purchase for only £15.99 +p&p

The strapping system is unique in its design for our fishing gloves and comes with fingelress index fingers so that you can get more feel on your line when casting out. The waterproof properties of the Neoprene body help to keep your hands warm and dry whilst the special pimple palms offer even more grip when wet.

These fishing gloves are serious contenders with any competitor offering comfort practicality and and enhanced experience for all.

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What makes them so special?

The Poly Urethene dots or Poly Dots on our palms of our Fishing Gloves & Home & Garden gloves are very unique as they grip even when wet. With the aid of the double wrist strap system and the wrap away system this glove is ideal for any angler. The neoprene body keeps your hand cool and will not adsorb liquid. Only a small amount of moisture can seep through keeping your hand at a comfortable temperature in any weather condition. Buy the perfect pair of fishing gloves.


Gripeeze Sports Glove- Best Sports Gloves for Grip

 How to wear Gripeeze ® Sports Glove.  simple steps. – The Best Sports Gloves for Grip 


















Advantages/Uses of our sport glove.

  1.  whether your grip is strong or with zero strength the wrap around system gives more than 80 % of support and forms a firm grip.
  2. As it gives more than 80% of support there is no stress on the finger joints and as well wrist joint.
  3. As there is no stress of the weight you lifting in gym or you holding any object like racket , cricket bat or any other sport object, the joints are totally under no tension and  Gripeeze ® Sports Glove helps you to involve in any sport with total ease with out any pain. 

People with any kind of condition whether it is a stroke, arthritis or an injury, one can involve in any kinda sport with out a second thought wearing these glove, whether it is workout in the gym or any sport.

In the conditions like stroke where the hand muscles are week or paralyzed in these cases thumb’s support is crucial to form a grip as it will be affected, in the stroke patients the wrap around system takes over 100% job of the thumb. Our sports glove is perfect for the gym, physiotherapy & rehabilitation.

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Successful Meeting with the Federation of Window Cleaners..

window federation logo



Great meeting today with Beryl and Debbie from The Federation of Window Cleaners.

they have now decided to take on our product for pole window cleaning.


They could not believe how strong a grip the glove has and how it takes

away the strain of holding the pole!

also being made out of Neoprene, it keeps the hand warm in the cold, and

cool in the heat! :)


Gripeeze Tube Grip on Sale In Norway..

This is the latest shop to take us on in Norway, Janus Nursing Articles AS in Skien.

norway 2--

This is the new sales stand.

Gripeeze Tube Grip that are suitable for people with different disabilities,

short-or long-term damage in the hand/fingers, which affects the grip of different objects.

Norway 3--

Cato and Stian, have really been helping push our products out in Norway.

They are a big part of the Gripeeze family :)

WISE Retail Distributor of Gripeeze Gloves!

WISE Events now distribute Gripeeze Gloves.

Wounded in service events are military themed events organised with military precision. They make ordinary events extraordinary by involving our armed forces in a way that will impress guests, meet budgets and achieve objectives.  All their events are business functions run for business people with a little help from the military.


They are now distributors of our Gripeeze Gloves! Go on to there website and check out our gloves:

It shows our unique range of gloves with information about each and a video explaining what it does and how it helps! Get yours today!


Gripeeze – If You Can Grab It, We Can Grip It

Gripeeze Fishing Gloves!

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Bransford Game Fishery with Des Taylor using the Gripeeze Fishing Gloves.

Our Gripeeze Fishing Gloves are now used by Des Taylor, Fisherman and Angling times Columnist.

We headed dow to Bramsford Game Fishery and tried out our Gripeeze fishing glove!

Our fishing gloves  use neoprene materials and our strapping system to give you the best comfort and relief from any strain or tension when in use. We have made the forefingers and thumb fingerless so that you can get more feel of your line and included the wrap away system so you can tuck neatly away the strapping system when not required.

The gloves have a double wrist strapping system that ensures your wrists are supported just as good as your grip when the Velcro straps are applied. The wrist support straps are fully adjustable so you can adjust to comfort without any difficulty and both the gloves are easy to put on for those that can use a conventional glove.

A while back Des Taylor injured his arm and wrist and struggled to fish for long periods of time without strain, but not anymore! The Gripeeze Fishing glove and unique strapping system has helped with the strain and gives comfort and relaxed movement while he is fishing. Now Des is able to enjoy doing what he loves the most, fishing!

Bransford Game Fishery just outside the City of Worcester is certainly the place to go if you want your string pulled by full tailed hard fighting rainbows. Within the space of just an hour Des had caught 5 trout! truly great day with an amazing fisherman!

Our gloves are perfect for rehabilitation and sports therapy. If you have any hand injuries or strains then the Gripeeze Fishing glove is for you! we fit all your needs and requirements, Get yours today.

Check the video out, it speaks for itself!

Grip Aid Goes Global – How You Can Purchase Gripeeze

Grip Aid goes Global

One must be thinking where to buy how to buy Gripeeze products? Here is the global solution.

Grip Aid Ltd _ manufactures of Gripeeze & Grip-Par Gloves, Mittens & Devices

The primary goal of Grip Aid Ltd UK is not only to make specialty products, but also make available these products globally with out any difficulty to the buyers. So now people from UK, USA, France and Germany, can buy these Grip Aid Ltd products on amazon, all you got to do is visit our product lists available on &  Worldwide shipping is also avaliable for only £5.95 on




Purchasing online has never been easier since we sell direct to the end user and to trade since 2012. You can find our products all over the internet and have taken the time to work on fair shipping rates for all our customers. We are also part of the amazon fulfillment program and amazon customers can enjoy FREE SHIPPING


Grip Aid Ltd are activley looking for distributors of our products all over the UK, Europe and the US. Since the inception of the company we have seen the interest in our unique system grown from strength to strength and we are happy to be making a change to a growing number of peoples lives all over the world. We started from humble beginnings and will continue to grow and develop our range to aid more and more people return to independence and feel thew complete benfits of what our unique product range of gloves, mittens and devices.

Online at we have a range of videos explain just how our gloves, mittens and devices work in simple step by step and easy to follow video instructions. With the launch of our new mobile site you can also view all our videos directly from our YouTube channel.




Gripeeze is Perfect for Rehabilitation

Gripeeze is Perfect for Rehabilitation

Hello Everyone

The company is expanding at an excellent pace and today we are in attendance at the ILC open day to educate OT’s and Carers on the benefits and usages of our devices to aid patients in rehabilitation and medical care. Two of our new devices are Class 1 registered and will soon be available in your local NHS outlet or independent living centers around the UK. If you would like more information or would like to speak to someone to find the best solution for a person you care for or even yourself please do not hesitate to call us on 08432 898 612


Our products are perfect for rehabilitation and therapy. When used on exercise equipment users and patients find the solution so simple and effective to use Gripeeze products are being praised for the simplicity and effectiveness and discreteness of the entire range.

rehabilitation and therapy gets easier with a gripeeze


Guideposts Trust Independent Living Centre

Abingdon Resource and Wellbeing Centre

Audlett Drive



OX14 3GD


pictured: Gripeeze Elastic Tube Grip (Adults) RH Black